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Suzi Digby and Ora

Program: #17-34, Air Date: 08/14/17

For 25 years Suzi Digby has been a champion of choral artistry for young people, from schools, with the Voices Foundation, to the London Youth Choir. Now, with Ora, she celebrates music old and new; Suzi joins us this week.

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 The Swiss Early Music Scene

Program: #01-36, Air Date: 09/03/01

"Requiem Mass for Josquin des Prez": A stunning recording from Swiss Radio from the summer 2001 concerts in the Cloister Church in Muri of the very rare Jean Richafort Requiem, featuring the Huelgas Ensemble directed by Paul van Nevel.

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Requiem for Josquin

Program: #13-08, Air Date: 02/18/13

The ensemble Cinquecento has a wonderful recent release looking at Josquin and the generation he taught and influenced.

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Three from Mignarda

Program: #10-38, Air Date: 09/13/10

We come back to the upstate New York duo with three recent discs: "La Rota Fortuna" (music in honor of Spinacino); "Au pres de Vous" (French 16th century chansons); and "Harmonia Caelestis" (16th c. sacred Spanish repertory).

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