Programs tagged with: Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble

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A German Christmas

Program: #23-49, Air Date: 12/04/23

Two recent releases we have featured earlier this year have extensive seasonal works we've saved for the holidays: world-premiere recordings from Isaac’s Choralis Constantinus, and extensive 13 part motet by Johann Rosenmuller.

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Three Early 17th Century Recordings

Program: #23-29, Air Date: 07/17/23

Affect in early 17th century Italian repertoire, sacred concertos by Johann Rosenmuller, and lyra viol works by Alfonso Ferrabosco.

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Sacred Early Baroque German Music

Program: #20-21, Air Date: 05/11/20

Motets from Saxony in 1603, music from the Thirty Years War, and Le Petite Bande performing Heinrich Schutz.

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Martin Luther and His times, continued

Program: #17-36, Air Date: 08/28/17

The celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Lutheranism continue, including music from his own day, the Praetorius chorales, and a collection of early chorales in a world-premiere performance!

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