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A Last Christmas Meditation

Program: #20-02, Air Date: 12/30/19

One of our favorite ensembles, the Gothic Voices, remind us of the beauty of a Medieval Christmas.

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Music for St. Katherine of Alexandria

Program: #19-31, Air Date: 07/22/19

Andrew Kirkman and his Binchois Consort are back with an amazing look at the 15th century English cult of St. Catherine, a revival inspired in part by Henry V’s marriage to Katherine de Valois.

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The Lily & the Rose

Program: #18-36, Air Date: 08/23/18

In another of the series of recordings matching choral works to alabaster statuary of the 15th century, the Binchois Ensemble celebrates music for the Virgin Mary.

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 Andrew Carwood, Part VII

Program: #00-45, Air Date: 09/25/00

NOTE: All of the music on this program is peformed by The Cardinall's Musick ensemble directed by our guest, Andrew Carwood. This ensemble records on Academy Sound and Vision, distributed by Koch International. The pieces on this program come from a single disc, Music at All Souls, Oxford (ASV Gaudeamus CD GAU-196).

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