Programs tagged with: Orlande de Lassus

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Lassus Requiems

Program: #17-33, Air Date: 08/07/17

Fr. Jerome Weber recently reviewed two recordings of the rarely-written-about Requiem settings of Lassus; we will sample from these powerful works. His review is at the bottom of the play list.

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The Kings of Tharsis

Program: #12-01, Air Date: 12/26/11

The latest from the Schola Antiqua of Chicago takes us on the Christmastide journey through Epiphany.

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Three Renaissance Masters

Program: #15-41, Air Date: 10/05/15

The latest in the Palestrina edition with The Sixteen, Lassus from the Cinquecento Ensemble, and a new recording of Ockeghem’s Missa L’homme armé.

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Millennium Holy Week

Program: #14-16, Air Date: 04/14/14

Recent release of pieces for Passiontide including works by Lassus, Victoria, Gesualdo, and Jacques Arcadelt..

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