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Italy Around 1600—Sacred Edition

Program: #16-48, Air Date: 11/21/16

New sacred music recordings by the Marian Consort of works by Gesualdo, New York Polyphony performing Palestrina and Victoria, and some world-premiere recordings of music by Palestrina’s successor in Rome, Giovanni Mario Nanino.

Three from Brilliant Classics

Program: #16-45, Air Date: 10/31/16

Keyboard artistry from the court of Gesualdo, recorder music from Golden Age Spain, and sacred motets of a composer other side famous for his keyboard publications, Claudio Merulo.

Sacred Spain

Program: #16-18, Air Date: 04/25/16

The Victoria Requiem, settings for the Virgin Mary, and a Spanish Baroque mass.

The Kings of Tharsis

Program: #12-01, Air Date: 12/26/11

The latest from the Schola Antiqua of Chicago takes us on the Christmastide journey through Epiphany.

In Paradisum

Program: #02-24, Air Date: 06/17/02

Members of the Hilliard Ensemble share their latest recording on ECM with music for the Requiem Mass by Victoria and Palestrina.

Music of Love

Program: #02-06, Air Date: 02/11/02

Our annual excursion through new releases dedicated to music of love for the month of St. Valentine.

Victoria and Palestrina in Rome

Program: #03-20, Air Date: 05/19/03

Music in Rome at the end of the 16th century performed by the Orchestra of the Renaissance at the 2002 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht.

Advent from Oxford, Cambridge, and Mt. Sinai

Program: #13-50, Air Date: 12/09/13

Two recent releases from the great English universities are contrasted to Capella Romana's latest dedicated to the story of the Three Holy Children.

Spotlight on the Netherlands–Requiem for . . .Part I

Program: #08-08, Air Date: 02/11/08

The Cappella Amsterdam is back with a vast memorial tribute using the great Requiem of Tomas Luis de Victoria as a framework, with laments from the middles ages interlaced throughout.

Spotlight on the Netherlands–Requiem for . . .Part II

Program: #08-09, Air Date: 02/18/08

In addition to the Victoria Requiem, Eric van Nevel directs the Capella Amsterdam in laments by Peter Abelard, Gombert, and the Fleury Manscript.