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Three Renaissance Masters

Program: #15-41, Air Date: 10/05/15

The latest in the Palestrina edition with The Sixteen, Lassus from the Cinquecento Ensemble, and a new recording of Ockeghem’s Missa L’homme armé.

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🔊 Antoine Busnois: Missa O Crux lignum

Program: #05-04, Air Date: 01/17/05

We continue or celebration of the wealth of music from the Lowlands with a new recording from the masterful Orlando Consort. This recording is on the Harmonia Mundi label, and is CD HMU 90733.

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A Medieval Christmas

Program: #06-52, Air Date: 12/18/06

Our friends The Orlando Consort have a beautiful project for Christmas 2006--we'll talk with founding member Donald Greig about the evolution of this repertoire from the earliest multi-voice writing, through the medieval carol, and into the great era of Franco-Flemish polyphony.

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Alexander Agricola: The Masses

Program: #06-47, Air Date: 11/13/06

The fine Hungarian ensemble A:N:S Chorus conducted by Janos Bali continues their series dedicated to the masses of Agricola with two based on chansons by illustrious Lowland predecessors: Guillaume Dufay's "Le serviteur" and Antoine Busnois' "Je ne demande."

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