Programs tagged with: Christina Pluhar

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South of the Border

Program: #21-04, Air Date: 01/18/21

Baroque songs and dances from the Amazon, Italian influences in Mexico, and Christina Pluhar’s South American Project.

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Crossing Over, continued

Program: #17-42, Air Date: 10/09/17

The London Town Waits, Trio Medieval with a twist, and Handel gets the Christina Pluhar treatment.

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Alpha White Label

Program: #17-09, Air Date: 02/20/17

For a while the amazing French label allowed groups to experiment—Sephardic music, Andalusian melodies, and some visionary work by Christina Pluhar.

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Flights of Imagination

Program: #17-05, Air Date: 01/22/17

Ancient Scandinavia, Armenian liturgy, and a reimagining of Orpheus.

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