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Monteverdi at Utrecht, Part I

Program: #01-20, Air Date: 05/14/01

As part of an extraordinary series of concerts at the 2000 Holland Festival of Early Music at Utrecht, a variety of ensembles performed the complete "Selve Morale e Spirituale" of Claudio Monteverdi; for the composer's birthday month, we'll hear some of these great sacred settings.

Sacred Spain

Program: #16-18, Air Date: 04/25/16

The Victoria Requiem, settings for the Virgin Mary, and a Spanish Baroque mass.

Magister X

Program: #02-38, Air Date: 09/23/02

Once again, the Alamire foundation weighs in with a superb recording (and story book!) of the works of an imaginary Flemish composer as he journeyed to Italy from Bruges, bringing the Northern style as he went.

Josquin Missa “Faisant regretz”

Program: #02-36, Air Date: 09/09/02

The national broadcast premier of this rare work by the greatest Renaissance composer; the edition exists in a Flemish copy from 1508, and our program is sponsored in part by the Belgian Tourist Office.

Bruges 2002, Part 1

Program: #02-09, Air Date: 03/04/02

The cultural capital of Europe moves to Belgium this year and we begin commemorating the occasion this week with a gorgeous CD from the ensemble Capilla Flamenca featuring music of Jacob Obrecht, Pierre de la Rue and Josquin Desprez (from the Alamire Foundation).

The Swiss Lute School, continued

Program: #03-41, Air Date: 10/13/03

A recent recording from the Schola Cantorum in Basel takes us to a great neglected repertoire: In the 15th century, the most popular lute music was for duos--Crawford Young and Karl-Ernst Schroeder recorded an entire disc of this forgotten music.

Naxos Distribution—Three More Early Baroque Discs

Program: #15-07, Air Date: 02/09/15

NOTE: All of the programs once again this month feature recordings that are part of the expanded Naxos Distribution family.

A rarely-heard Swiss composer, the great Englishman Thomas Tomkins, and madrigals of madness at the turn of the 17th century.

All The Five Salutations: More Music of Ludwig Senfl

Program: #05-41, Air Date: 10/03/05

NOTE: This greatest of Swiss composers has been an ongoing area of rediscovery in the last decades; this week, the Swiss Radio Choir gives us more sacred gems, including the grand motets and the para-liturgical "Five Salutations of Christ" commissioned by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria. The Coro della Radio Svizzera is directed by Diego Fasolis in this recording, which is titled Ludwig Senfl: Missa Paschalis und Motteten. It is on the Musikszene Schweiz label, and is CD # MGB 6165.

Senfl (& Christmas) at the Court of Maximilian

Program: #05-49, Air Date: 11/28/05

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording Sacred Music at the Vienna Court Chapel of Maximilian I featuring the Clemencic Consort and the boys Choralschola of the Vienna Court Chapel directed by Dr. Rene Clemencic.

Dulcis Melancholia: A Musical Biography of Margaret of Austria (1480-1530)

Program: #06-45, Air Date: 10/30/06

Born in Brussels, the tragic life of Margaret of Austria was central not only to early 16th century European politics. Her adopted city of Mechlin was surrounded by the greatest composers of the day; on this new disc Dirk Snelling's Capilla Flamenca looks at her circle, including Josquin, Pierre de la Rue, Obrecht, and Agricola.