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From the Imperial Court

Program: #14-35, Air Date: 08/25/14

The new recording by the wonderful young English ensemble Stile Antico celebrates sacred music for the House of Hapsburg.

Fretwork Plays Ludwig Senfl

Program: #04-47, Air Date: 11/15/04

NOTE: All of the music on this program is by the great Swiss composer Ludwig Senfl (c.1486-1542/3).

Ludwig Senfl

Program: #05-05, Air Date: 01/24/05

All of the music on this week's program is by Ludwig Senfl and is from the recording Missa L'homme arme performed by The Suspicious Cheese Lords. You may contact the Lords at their web site: www.cheeselords.org

All The Five Salutations: More Music of Ludwig Senfl

Program: #05-41, Air Date: 10/03/05

NOTE: This greatest of Swiss composers has been an ongoing area of rediscovery in the last decades; this week, the Swiss Radio Choir gives us more sacred gems, including the grand motets and the para-liturgical "Five Salutations of Christ" commissioned by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria. The Coro della Radio Svizzera is directed by Diego Fasolis in this recording, which is titled Ludwig Senfl: Missa Paschalis und Motteten. It is on the Musikszene Schweiz label, and is CD # MGB 6165.

Senfl (& Christmas) at the Court of Maximilian

Program: #05-49, Air Date: 11/28/05

NOTE: All of the music on this program is from the recording Sacred Music at the Vienna Court Chapel of Maximilian I featuring the Clemencic Consort and the boys Choralschola of the Vienna Court Chapel directed by Dr. Rene Clemencic.

Songs & Stories from Three Lands

Program: #14-05, Air Date: 01/27/14

Renaissance Italy and Petrarch settings; a remarkable Armenian troubadour; and Renaissance Nuremberg from royal court to the rise of humanism.

Music from Switzerland–Ex Libris Doctoris Amerbachii

Program: #08-16, Air Date: 04/07/08

Music books collected by great humanist thinkers are a treasured window into the musical life of the Renaissance--this week, another Musiques Suisses project gives us music from the book of the great Basel legal philosopher (and music lover) Bonifacius Amerbach (1495-1562).