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The Elfin Knight and the Queen’s Delight

Program: #21-18, Air Date: 04/26/21

Country dances from England with the Musicians de Saint-Julien, plus ballads from the same time both in England and over on our shores with the Phoenix Ensemble.

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Three English Instrumental Discs

Program: #15-28, Air Date: 07/06/15

The Phantasm Ensemble gives us William Lawes, The Spirit of Gambo looks at John Jenkins, and the Flautadors celebrate the Elizabethans.

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Paradiso Armonico

Program: #06-12, Air Date: 03/13/06

From the world-famous Flanders Festival, we go to Bruges as the ensemble More Maiorum directed by Peter Van Heyghen recreates the influence on the new Italian sound on the Lowlands in the first decades of the 17th century

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Early Music New York: A Dutch Christmas

Program: #07-50, Air Date: 12/03/07

Over the years, we have celebrated this ensemble's many Christmas programs during December--this year, festivities from the time of the founding of the Dutch republic and Holland's Golden Age.

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