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Crossing Over, More Examples

Program: #18-19, Air Date: 04/30/18

Geminiani and the Celtic Influence, Sea Songs with the Canadian Ensemble La Nef, and the devil’s music in the New World.

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A Musical Journey

Program: #17-17, Air Date: 04/17/17

Cyprus, late medieval Poland, and 17th century Scotland.

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Christmas in Medieval England

Program: #16-01, Air Date: 12/28/15

The wonderful Blue Heron Ensemble shares their live performance of English music from the 13th to 15th century.

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Crossing Over

Program: #15-34, Air Date: 08/17/15

Three discs that cross borders: the new Apollo Fire Appalachia project; the Quadriga Consort with tales of mystery from the British Isles; and Constantinople with the journey of Marco Polo.

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