Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

And you all are indeed friends! Here we are, a full year after the launch of the new web site.

More than 3300 have taken the time to register to hear at least a show; we still have our few stalwart brave and loyal supporters at the Gold and Silver levels, and since our reduction of Bronze to $4.99, many of you have been generous enough to join in.

Our intent from the beginning was to get more and more people to help the program pay costs—once again, we still have not covered our expenses to date—and in the spirit of encouraging that, we are going to lower our cost of your investment in this 35-year-old adventure once again:

BRONZE--$2.99 - one month of programs (what was most recent)
SILVER--$9.99 - the last one year
GOLD--$19.99 - the whole archive, all years, all shows

All I can say is: please join us. Remember to be sure to write us if you have any password issues; and any current (or future!) Silver and Gold members who have not received one of our Millennium of Music recordings, just drop us a note.

As always, as investors in this quixotic project we love to hear from you; thank you for caring about this music.


Please browse our growing archive of PROGRAMS; to support these and future offerings, please SUBSCRIBE today.

#05-23: Mass for St. Anthony Abbott

Audio Subscription Levels

Level Access to: Price
Classic One archived program Free
Bronze The current month (4 shows) $2.99/
Silver The past year of programs $9.99/
Gold The full audio archive (over a decade) $19.99/