Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

We have been a little remiss in getting a past show on the front page, but for good reason—we were in England for a couple of weeks, and accomplished some great work: our friend Andrew Carwood (who you have heard from the beginning with his ensemble Cardinall’s Musick) is now Music Director of the St. Paul’s Cathedral Choir. They begin an American tour in April, we have a special program (15-15) dedicated to the Choir’s excellent work in early music. Andrew also tells us he wants to come back on to do an extended series on 16th century polyphony.

Don Greig of the Orlando Consort shared his amazing new project with the group—a performance of music from the time of Joan of Arc with music exclusively from the years of her short life, and scored to accompany the 1928 Carl Theodor Dryer masterpiece The Passion of Joan of Arc (a Millennium exclusive—coming in June).

And, we spent a long stretch with David James, founding member of the Hilliard Ensemble, who just disbanded after a spectacular 40th anniversary commemoration concert at Wigmore Hall; a multi-program series looks at the group, it’s history, and David’s favorite moments.

Easter marked the 36th anniversary of the program, an anniversary that could not have been possible without all of you. Thank you once again for your support and passion for all we do.


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#03-15 Easter 2003

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