Dear All:

Our 2000th subscriber has gone through the process of registering for Millennium of Music, and why not celebrate?

She is Cory Aden-Wansbury from Oregon (a state who has been very kind to the show for decades), and writes:

I love this show. It fills a hole in my collected music, and is a spot of tranquility and bliss in my week. I listen to it Sunday mornings, before anyone else is prowling around, and it's become a bit of a spiritual exercise for me to just sit, listen and drink in the beauty. Thank you!!!

She is also a fan of Christmas music, so we are bringing back one of our classic programs from years past in her honor—a little coolness as midsummer comes upon us.

Cory also joined at the (increasingly popular) $4.99 level. Of our 2000 active registered listeners, sadly fewer than 5% have chosen to support the program even at this modest monthly level. As we said upon the launch of our newly-refurbished site eight months ago:

As you can see, it is also a site where we are seeking support for both the program and the site itself. It is surprising to most that we receive no income for the program from any broadcast institution, and that we have provided the show free of charge to any and all, as part of our mission and belief that this huge body of music is under-represented in the broadcast media. This belief has been more than justified by the profound devotion we have had from people like you, our loyal fans.

Join Cory and her companions in support! And, as always, thank you for your ongoing interest in Millennium of Music!

Robert Aubry Davis

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