Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

We have been been growing both in terms of subscribers and supporters, particularly at the popular $4.99 $2.99 level.

This is wonderful news for the program and its continuity. Long-time listeners may have noticed that starting last year, as we prepared to launch the site, we ended the decades-old (and standard) tradition of airing repeats in the summer months. Creating 52 new programs each year is a substantial new cost for us, and many over-the-air listeners may have missed parts of programs they wanted to hear. However, when you support the program and the site, you gain access to those shows and can hear them whenever you desire.

A couple of housekeeping points: my long-suffering web mistress (and daughter, and new mother to the first grandchild!) suggest that if you are having any password-related problems, just drop her a note: fayre[at]

Also, one of our staunch early supporters who also works on web issues has presented a detailed list of every show online, which ones are inaccurate or not playing, and in some cases how to fix them! We are tackling those now, and if you come across any in your explorations of the site, let us know right away.

And finally, our 2500th subscriber (and this letter’s honoree) is Neva Clayton from the lovely Shenandoah Valley town of Bridgewater, Virginia. She writes:

Millennium of Music offers a wonderful array of selections which soothe, stir and excite the inner workings of my soul, depending upon what might be playing. I find the opportunity to listen to Millennium of Music relieves me of daily stresses and helps to stimulate my creativity. What a blessing!!

So, thank you all—and do stay tuned—we are thinking of a very special way to celebrate the one year anniversary of the new web site!

Robert Aubry Davis

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#06-52: A Medieval Christmas

Conceptio tua

The Schola Antiqua of Chicago has a new release for Advent, including the world-premiere recording of Pierre de la Rue’s mass (perhaps the first ever) for the newly-declared Dec. 8 Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Missa de Beata Virgine

Perhaps written in Rome, this grand mass by Antoine Brumel is the latest project from the superb Brabant Ensemble.

Three Instrumental Discs

The latest from Phantasm dedicated to John Ward; the Rose Consort of Viols takes us on a European tour, and young Thomas Dunford picks up the archlute.

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