Dear Friends of Millennium of Music:

After the death of the great recording patron and promoter Dr. Otto Quittner in 2011, the fabulous Qualiton label foundered, and finally passed on. With it went our third Millennium of Music recording, dedicated to Holy Week and Easter.

Happily, there is great news: the people at Albany have acquired the rights to this priceless catalogue, including our “Behold, and See” disc. So now, it’s back!

Now, a Japanese retailer is selling copies at $231.41 (plus $3.99 shipping—true story!); but we are offering it once again to anyone who subscribes at our Silver or Gold level (starting at $19.99) or makes a contribution to the show of $25 or more.

And, in honor of Easter being the anniversary date of our first show 35 years ago, we are offering our bronze level membership at $4.99—a half-price deal. This allows everyone to hear that last few weeks programs and new ones as they air.

We are thrilled that over 1200 folks have signed up to receive special notes from us and hear this week’s show (remember the front page show streams for free—this week, in honor of Easter, and the 35th Anniversary of the program, this week we again feature The Choir of the Monks of the Abbey of Saint-Pierre de Solesmes).


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Easter Celebration 2014, 35th Anniversary Special, Choir of the Monks of the Abbey of Saint-Pierre de Solesmes

Tu es Petrus

The rediscovery of the music of Jean Mouton continues with the latest by the Brabant Ensemble directed byStephen Rice.

The Voice of the Turtle Dove

The latest from The Sixteen takes the ensemble back to the beautiful English early Renaissance repertoire.

Three from Accent

Late Renaissance and early Baroque music from Austria and Italy in these Dutch/German collaboration.

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